Hi all - I'm a Senior Systems Engineer from Massey University New Zealand and am part of the Project Team as we make the transition from on-premise Moodle to hosted/SaaS OpenLMS.

I've been asked to learn about how OpenLMS works from an Infrastructure/Operations viewpoint. Is this a suitable forum to learn more ? Some example questions that I would have are:

1. Is there a Systems Architecture/Overview diagram which shows how content is delivered ?
2. What PostgreSQL DB clustering technology is used ? Likewise with Redis
3. What tools are used for monitoring ?
4. Will traffic to NZ be served from AWS Sydney ? What happens if that site goes offline
5. What fileserver(s) are used for the Asset Store ? Native S3 storage or something else ?
6. ...And so forth....

Basically I've been asked to find out as much technical information that I can (within reason :-)) about how OpenLMS is delivered from a Systems point of view. Hoping that either this forum or someone reaching out to me at P.Rynhart@massey.ac.nz would be a good start.

With Thanks in Advance,