We understand the cost of reviewing complex plugins can be prohibitive and budgets are tight - have you considered working together with other Institutions who may have similar needs to 'split the bill'? We have a number of examples of where this has been successfully done in the past including Turnitin,.

If you would like to have conversations with others regarding Cost Sharing for Plugins Reviews, feel free to start a discussion. Please adhere to the following guidelines: 

  • Start a new discussion for each of the plugins
  • Post a reply to the specific plugin discussion you are interested
  • Include a cut-off date
  • If/when there is agreement to proceed with cost sharing, each client is to submit individual cases requesting the plugin to be reviewed.
    • Include in the case that there is agreement between X client(s) to share the cost and include any timelines
  • Once there’s confirmation work is about to or has commenced, update and close off the discussion topic so that others are aware

Disclaimer: This is only to be used as an avenue for discussion. For work to proceed please submit case or follow up with your SDM.