Hi, here Natasha from the city of Nijmegen in the Netherlands.
I really couldn't turn down Stephen Ladek's invitation any longer. So finally, here I am, joining the club and introducing myself.

I didn't know that learning & development in organizations / instructional design was a real discipline on its own until early 2020.
Once I knew that, I lost my heart to this profession. And developed a great passion for designing and developing learning experiences and, of course, e-learnings.

My earlier studies and work experience are of a different kind. In the nineties I started studying as a creative therapist, but after 2 years I switched to Anthropology. In the new century I started as a municipal worker: a case worker social services. Than I rolled into quality control and from that I switched to my last job as a senior worker at the document & archive department. Before all that, I worked in all different kind of jobs. As a callcenter agent, as a household support worker, as a shop assistent, as a laboratory employee, in logistics, etc.
So a real late bloomer to this discipline. Although, I'm not 50 yet! And... better late than never.

Since 2020 I have been working on a career switch to this profession. I now have a practical post-graduate degree in learning and development and learned a lot from books and online. Since August/September this year I am actively looking for my 1st real L&D/ID job. And I just got my 1st freelance assignment for creating microlearning's.

I love to learn, and love to learn with and from all of you, whenever I can make some time free. I hope to get more focus soon in everything there is to learn in this great discipline through the new job I hope to have soon.

With kind regards,