I am a Singaporean and have been in the Children’s Education Industry for more than 20 years, providing academic and enrichment programmes to schools and institutions for more than 10,000 students.

I strongly believe that children’s education should be more than the mindless pursuit of grades and doing well in exams. Character Education should be considered as essential to education as reading, writing and arithmetic. Sadly, in Singapore and many other education systems in our part of the world (East), there are too much focus on Grades and little or no emphasis on essential attitudinal skills-sets and Character Strengths like grit, Self- control, having the purpose, confidence, habits, and other SEL skills-sets .. all of which can be taught and skills acquired, leading to greater academic performance and better lifeskills that leads to better health, relationships and better life.

I hope to find a Technical Cofounder to digitalize the whole learning program and create a learning platform to reach bigger number of audience, unconstrained by geographical and logistical constraints.

In the meantime, I hope to learn as much as possible from the elearning community.