Hi All,

I'd like to suggest (if possible) to add the "Course Dashboard" link in the breadcrumb trail whenever a user is accessing any items inside it.

Here's a sample scenario: Let's say a presenter needs to show these functions one at a time (Gradebook, Open Grader and PLD)

1. First, the presenter clicks the Course Dashboard, then clicks “Gradebook”

2. Gradebook page opens but the return link to Course Dashboard is missing (see sample image)

3. When the presenter is done with Gradebook, the presenter can only (either):
a. click the “Back” button on top of the browser page (which aside from not appealing, can sometimes behave unwantedly) OR
b. click the Course Name to return to the Course's home page first then click the Course Dashboard link again

4. Repeat either options to return to Course Dashboard when showing the other functions (Open Grader and PLD)

I just felt reflecting the "Course Dashboard" in the breadcrumb will make it easier and more efficient for educators to work with Course Dashboard items and for presenters to convince the audience as well of the system's navigation power.