Thank you for reading our question. A little about us - our Moodle site is for any educator in the state of Montana and is used for self-paced asynchronous and facilitated synchronous professional development.

Because of the way our system is set up, we manage all registration directly within Moodle - we do not have an external registration or SIS solution. Everyone creates their own account and enrolls using the "enroll" button.

Here's our problem: We run a rotation of facilitated courses that do have enrollment caps. We release a schedule of these courses each year. We do not allow registration at any random time - the participant has to wait until the course registration opens in order to register as we use the same course shell. We want to remind people when registration is open for the specific course, but we haven't previously used the site calendar or any calendar plugins to manage those reminders. We have generally relied on sign-up reminders that we then manually send the reminders to interested participants, and we want to automate it better.

Does anyone have any ideas that could help us automate this a bit more, preferably with Moodle plugins?