Hi all, 

On behalf of the team I'd really like to thank you for attending the call yesterday and for contributing your ideas and feedback. Here is the link to the recording of the session, and please pass this on to any of your internal team members who weren't able to attend. Open LMS Community - recording_17

Myself, Niem, Mark and Jay met up yesterday afternoon to debrief the session and to summarise your feedback so I wanted to share with you our takeaways, and to give you a chance to correct anything we didn't quite capture accurately. 

We'll respond to each these points in later updates and communications, so just for now I want to make sure that we recorded them accurately. 

Pain Points:  

  • Need for additional Development resourcing


  • Analytics/data access
  • Global Search
  • H5P integration

Support Portal: 

  • User interface slow and clunky
  • Adding attachments when creating case
  • Referencing BtBB cases in JIRA - integration
  • Email case creation
  • More than 5 cc fields
  • Knowledge centre links 
  • would like all the BtBB cases, and possible the RT tickets as an archive
  • Keep tickets active for longer than 30 days as in BtBB 

Potential Activities:

  • Follow up session around system support
    • Technical documentation being tackled in current Ops sprint. 
  • Client Community calls to be run quarterly. Next one targetted for August. 
  • Ad hoc/special interest sessions to be run as needed. 
  • Face to face Covid-safe gathering - probably in early 2021

If there's anything you thought of after the call, and we're particularly interested in your thoughts around the product roadmap, please add a comment below or you might also raise it with Mark Bailye, Niem or myself.