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The eLearning Success Summit
The eLearning Success Summit

The eLearning Success Summit was created to help you learn how to crack the code on learner engagement by mastering the new normal, learning design that results in raving fans and using EdTech as an enabler of success. Registration is FREE!

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Digital Coordinator | LMSPulse Editor in Chief
eLearn Office Hours today! Let's talk about 2022 Learning Design trends!
Principal, eLearning Advocacy at Open LMS

Register now: The Design Session is on February 23rd

Happy New Year! I hope this finds everyone doing well and having a great start to their year.

I'm excited to announce that The eLearn Success Series is open for registration.

The Series is the next iteration of the eLearning... (More)

Tracy Parsons
Owner, Voice Over Artist
Hi everyone. It was my pleasure to attend the conference earlier this summer and to be invited to join you here. I'm a bit of an outlier as I am NOT a content creator but rather a narrator of said... (More)