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Seeking Advice
Seeking Advice
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Greg Bird
Moodle specialist. Problem solver. Trouble maker. Lane changer.


To get things out of the way, there is no "admin view" per se - just a higher set of privileges.

When they login, they will retain their previous enrolments (including their instructor enrolments), so they may not even... (More)

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Seeking Advice
I'm trying to set up an existing user as Admin in Moodle. Have them assigned as Admin, their name is on the list of Admin users in site administration, however, when they log in, they still have the view of... (More)
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Seeking Advice
I am trying to get subtitles to work in Moodle. I can either see the video or a black screen with the subtitles. But I can't seem to get both to show at the same time. I've tried uploading an... (More)