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How can we most effectively remind users to register for courses?

Thank you for reading our question. A little about us - our Moodle site is for any educator in the state of Montana and is used for self-paced asynchronous and facilitated synchronous professional development.

Because of the way our system... (More)

Tim Lockopen lms team
Senior Technical Consultant
Open LMS Enterprise - Cost Sharing for Turnitin Plugins Feb 2021 We would like to see if there is interest in co-funding for the reviews of the latest versions as follows: • Turnitin plagiarism plugin - 3.5+ (2020113001) • Turnitin's... (More)
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Hi, The SafeAssign feature is currently only available in Assignments. It would be great if this feature can also be available in Quizzes and Forums. Exams can then be checked for plagiarism.
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Alex Ferrer
Consultor elearning at Samoo
Hi Community, I would like to propose that the Moodle plugin "Moodle Mobile app section and activity availability restrictions" be added to the Open LMS plugin matrix. I think it would be a good complement to the courses. What is... (More)