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New Conduit queue manager

A new tab 'Queue management' is now available in Conduit block, where admin users can visualize and prioritize files that have been uploaded to the conduit folder via SFTP.

Available after sandbox release June 11th.

Feature developed by... (More)

Adrian GriggOpen LMS Team
Service Delivery Manager - Open LMS

Open LMS Enterprise Community is back!

Hi all,

On behalf of the team I'd really like to thank you for attending the call yesterday and for contributing your ideas and feedback. Here is the link to the recording of the session, and please pass this on... (More)

New PLD event available for users in 3.8 release

We keep improving PLD! After 'Course Start Date' event, now is the time for a new event: 'Course End Date'.

PLD users will be able to trigger actions (Send e-mails, enroll users in courses, and... (More)

Open LMS 3.7 MP2 coming this April!

We are happy to announce that our Open LMS 3.7MP2 is arriving this month, and with it, cool new features and improvements!

Open reports: Deferred reports for admin SQL

Open LMS Admins have now the possibility to generate deferred SQL... (More)