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LMS Administration
LMS Administration

If you find yourself wondering what all those tick boxes are for in the Admin section of your LMS, follow this topic! Get your Qs answered (or offer tips and tricks) here!

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Hi there! If you are an admin and you have found yourself wondering what all is running under the hood on my site, there is a tool for you. In the Site Admin tools under Development is a view that... (More)

Vanessa - are you talking about the LTI connection to Evolve? We have a basic LTI (1.0) setup currently but it hasn't been used in a couple years. I ran into problems back in Jan 21. with their documentation being... (More)45

Carrie Linares
LMS / eLearning Coordinator - MNTC

We use it, but I am not the person who originally set it up. I can try to answer questions though. 

Paula Thrall
LMS Administrator and Instructional Designer
We've installed the Tin Can Launch Link plug in (and xAPI Logstore is also added). Can someone please direct me to a tutorial to test how these plugins work in action? We potentially want to direct our users to content... (More)