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START HERE! Are you new to The eLearning Community powered by Open LMS? As your very first step, we invite you to introduce yourself. Tell us all things like:

  • Where are you from?
  • What is your speciality (e.g. instruction, design, tech development, etc.)?
  • Are you an independent professional or do you work for a school or company (if so, which one)?
  • What is your favorite eLearning topic?
  • What is your "ask" for the community (i.e. what do you want to get out of being a member here)?

Don't be shy! This is your place to shine and make an impression!

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DW Wood
Online Learning and Educational Technology Coordinator
Hello everyone... I am the Online Learning and Educational Technology Coordinator for Clackamas Community College in Oregon. My happy place is with online course design and faculty professional development. My interests include UDL, H5P, and HyFlex. Feel free to reach... (More)
Principal, eLearning Advocacy at Open LMS
A big welcome to all of our new members (there are now almost 1,500 people in this community!!!): Alfredo Ramírez , Patrick McKendry , Thais A. Gomez, Simon Paine, Praveen Alexander, stuard board, Eduardo Sánchez de la Magestad, DW Wood,... (More)
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Fouzia Riaz
Product Marketer - SubtitleBee
I am Fouzia Riaz from Pakistan. Previously worked for a company named Taleemabad, an organization that designed its online learning management system (LMS) software specifically for low-cost private schools run by entrepreneurs with no prior experience in technology or business... (More)
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Hello, Everyone! I am Katalin from Hungary. I work as a freelance English teacher and my main fields of interest are education and language learning.