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Follow this topic to discuss how to deliver instruction effectively - whether you’re leading a corporate upskill, herding cats in kindergarten or anything in-between. We love teachers and trainers of every shape, size and calling!

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DW Wood
Online Learning and Educational Technology Coordinator
Hello everyone... I am the Online Learning and Educational Technology Coordinator for Clackamas Community College in Oregon. My happy place is with online course design and faculty professional development. My interests include UDL, H5P, and HyFlex. Feel free to reach... (More)

Dear Ladek, there are several different ways and means used to preempt and educate natural disasters including earthquakes, some of them I mentioned below. There are many others. I find interactive learning, communication and coordination some of the most effective... (More)

Principal, eLearning Advocacy at Open LMS
Hi everyone - this group is growing rapidly and I'd love to get the conversation started. I'm teaching a short, 1-credit, "Skills Institute" at American University in Washington, DC in October and I'd love to be able to inject something... (More)
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Did you check out the QM Quality Matters 8 standards for online teaching and learning? Here is a short video on Youtube