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Principal, eLearning Advocacy at Open LMS

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What advice would you give to others in this community to solve a problem, overcome an interesting challenge, or just level up your overall eLearning game?

Examples. If you're... (More)

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I have a suggestion about the Snap theme's handling of the Assignment activity, in particular the way it currently puts the "Additional Files" feature under "Common module settings". Can we move the "Additional Files" feature out of "Common module settings"... (More)
Quick Post
Hi All, I'd like to suggest (if possible) to add the "Course Dashboard" link in the breadcrumb trail whenever a user is accessing any items inside it. Here's a sample scenario: Let's say a presenter needs to show these functions... (More)

How can we most effectively remind users to register for courses?

Thank you for reading our question. A little about us - our Moodle site is for any educator in the state of Montana and is used for self-paced asynchronous and facilitated synchronous professional development.

Because of the way our system... (More)