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Feedback & Suggestions
Feedback & Suggestions
  • Offer your suggestions on how Open LMS can improve and provide your feedback on existing features.
  • Our team will take all feedback seriously, however not everything posted here can and will eventually make it into development for a variety of reasons.
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Hi Team, We have a client who has a use case for multiple activity completion checks with membership checking on specific dates in a rule. There is a course with multiple groups of learners. Will like to send emails based... (More)
Is there a PLD time chart available of when rules are "triggered" to cause alerts and emails to be sent to students? Just curious about what triggers the PLD rules and how often (maybe an internal built-in timer... every 30... (More)
PLD - new condition It would be great if a condition for user 'status' could be added. We have users in our courses that have: *awaiting start *active *inactive 'status'. We are looking to have a 'Welcome to your course'... (More)