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Asked a question 2 years ago

While instructors learn which advanced grading method they prefer, sometimes a quick reversal is needed. If an instructor deploys one method, say Checklist, and grades one student then wants to change the assignment to grade with a Rubric, what is the most efficient way to make that change?

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Hi @Kim Barber23 , I think this is an important process while learning the ropes and possibly one that doesn't have many ways around it. Specially, since most of the times it would be preferable for the instructor to provide clear instructions in advance to learners on what they can expect on grading. 

I would say it is not efficient, but preferable in some cases, to go with the first selected grading option for the activity for which grading had already started and then communicate to the learners that the subsequent activities will have a different method. 

If the case was a mistake, then duplicating the activity, making the change, and then assigning a manual grade for the student that already submitted the content could be another option to consider.

Would love to hear more about the context of this. 

Thanks for sharing!