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Angela Herring
Director of Instructional Support Services
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is the recommended best practice for students that have dropped/withdrawn from a course? Currently we keep their "student" role and update the end date to the day they were dropped/withdrawn. This changes their status in Participants from "active" to "not current". However this causes issues with some tools that pull all users with the student role as "active or current users" such as QuickMail, PLD, and Intelliboard reports. The catch is that I want to retain the dropped/withdrawn student data within the course and I want the instructor to be able to easily see the dropped/withdrawn student info in the gradebook. Currently instructors can manage this with the "show active users" setting in the Gradebook Setup. I am open to creating a parallel "inactive student" role, however I have not found a process that easily allows me to change/update a student role seamlessly with a csv upload.

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Emily Southwell
Learning Systems Manager - ACOM

HI Angela,

I think I might be a bit late to the party here, but we use conduit and just delete their enrolment. If we pop the student back into the same course through conduit all of their data is retained (thankfully because humans sometimes make mistakes), but removing their enrolment entirely through conduit means they don't come up in any of our reports or other tools.

Summer PerkinsOLMS Workshop Excellence
Coordinator of Online Learning & Technology

Hi Angela. We change their status to "Suspended" once they withdraw or are dropped from the course. This way their data is still retained but they no longer have access and depending on how the instructor filter's their data, they don't show up on a lot of things. Not sure that it's best practice but it seems to work so far. I'm curious as to how others handle this.