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Quintin Seegers
Training Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

We are providing some of our clients with the option to prepay for training. Different users from each client would log onto our LMS and purchase courses. The cost need to come off the prepaid amount. Once the prepayment is exhausted, users whould pay the course fees as normal. For example: Client A prepaid $5000.00. User A1 purchases a course, costing $1000.00, The cost is deducted from the prepaid payment made by Client A. Client A now has $4000.00 remaining as prepayment. Client B prepaid $1500.00. User B1 purchases a course, costing $1000.00. The cost is deducted from the prepaid payment made by Client B. Client B now has $500.00 remaining as prepayment. User B2 purchases the same course, but there is only $500 remaining in the prepayment. User B2 needs to pay the difference ($500.00) in course fees. We are currently using the eCommerce plugin from eCreators on our Moodle LMS. I'm interested to find out how other organisations manage this type of scenario. (Apologies for the long post - I wanted to ensure my question was clear)

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Daniela SoccioOpen LMS team
Customer Education and Engagement Team Leader

Hi Quintin, 

Thanks for sending through your question about using the eCommerce to allow clients to purchase a bank of dollars to buy courses with and draw down on that as their employees/learners draw down on that as they sign up. 

With the current eCommerce solution that is installed on Learnbook this currently isn't possible. I have although let our Digital Technology Manager aware of this feature request via our support portal and he is currently speaking with the team to add this to our product roadmap. 

I hope that we can have this feature available for you to use in the near future. 

Kind Regards


Hi Quintin,

I have seen a number of requests for this type of feature coming from clients in the Asia Pacific region, and we are planning to add of a Parent-Child account feature into eCommerce. This feature will enable clients to pre-purchase courses, or pre-pay for a range of courses, which can then to access by users logging in with a "child" account.

Child account users would be enrolled in courses up to the value of the pre-purchase cap.  Any enrolment requests over to pre-paid limit would be captured and a notification sent to the Parent account owner for approval and payment.  Please look out for notifications as we progress work on this new feature in 2021.