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Miles Exner
Learning Technology Developer
Asked a question last year

Trying to find specific tokens in web services, but have many pages and no filtering option that I can see with the Snap theme. Is there a way to filter the results with a URL param or something (e.g. /admin/settings.php?section=webservicetokens&page=99&someparam='miles')?

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Hi Miles

Not at the moment as the tokens are security sensitive, you may be able to check oout the db schema and see if you can find them in the database.



Barry Matthias

Hi Miles,

Sorry to reply to such an old thread but I happened across this while on the community site. I thought I would add this in for your benefit and other clients who may see this question.

You can use the Admin SQL located at <your site>/blocks/reports/view.php?courseid=1&action=dashboard with the following SQL query:

SELECT u.firstname, u.lastname, s.name18 AS "Service Name", t.token FROM mdl_external_tokens t
JOIN mdl_external_services s ON s.id15 = t.externalserviceid
JOIN mdl_user u on

You could make your own modifications to the SQL such as a 'WHERE t.userid=<insert your userid>' at the very end. Otherwise you could use the drop down at the bottom of the page to export to a CSV and use a program like Excel to filter the results manually.

Hope this helps!