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Jason Ford
Blue Ridge - Director of Online Learning
Asked a question last year

Is there an SMS feature available? We have faculty using Remind to do this, but I would love to see if we could find a way from within the LMS, even if it means integrating with an SMS provider.

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David CastroOpen LMS team
Staff Software Engineer at Open LMS

Hi Jason, this is an interesting request.

While we review how to better approach it with what @Pablo Borbón24 is mentioning, you can also use AWS services to build your own SMS or Cloud notification infrastructure.

AWS provides an email sending service called AWS SES28. This service can be used in conjunction with another AWS service called AWS SNS25.

AWS provides ways for you to process your incoming emails, like the example described here25. You could use this for specific email groups or recipients that you need notifications to be sent. A recipient could represent a group of mobile numbers that need to receive a notification. Then you could instead of forwarding emails as in the example, connect the lambda function to SNS26 to send those messages as SMS26.

Hi Jason, we currently don't but Twilio has some interesting APIs for this 29

Now, the interesting part is that we have been exploring a PLD action called "API call", originally we thought about some social media use cases, but this type of calls would make more sense. 


Somewhat like this REST client which I use to test conduit.


Another way we were thinking of for this sort of integrations is via Zapier, but that would require a Zapier liecence so it is not our favourite for now.


The feature looks to have a lot of potential, but also be very technical. Would love to get your thoughts on something like that. Do you currently use many external services APIs at the moment?

C.C. @Laura Martin Prieto22 @David Castro28