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Tanya Allan
Principal Lecturer
Asked a question 3 months ago

Is there a way to have a section that has links to resources that can be updated from 1 source and this update translates across multiple courses that have that section? Perhaps like a template course that has the 'master' links and if a link in that 'master' template changes that change occurs across all courses that have been produced from that template

Greg Bird
Hi Tanya. I wonder whether you've explored the "Centralised content management" feature of OpenLMS?? This has the notion of master content and child replica's. If you change the master, this can be reflected in the children.

Currently only supports Page, Label, Resource or SCORM
Tanya Allan
hi Greg, I haven't no - so thank you will do now :)
Ferenc 'Frank' Lengyel
Hi Tanya, there is a core functionality called 'Content Bank'
Tanya Allan
Hi Greg and Frank, thanks for your replies - really appreciated.

I have found some information on CCM from this post 2 years However I'm wondering if there is more information available from OpenLMS re using this feature?

We are experimenting with now but are having issues a few issues.
One is propagating changes into the child replicas - we don't seem to be able to select the courses to update. Is there a timing delay between when you make changes to the master to when you can replicate into child? I can't imagine there would be a limit on how many changes you can make in the master that would restrict changes in the child?
Greg Bird
I take it you have clicked on the "Propagate Changes" button?
Andy Braden Open LMS team
The CCM does some fancy course backup and restore footwork in the background when you create, update, and propagate content changes. This can create some lag between save and seeing the change show up that we aren't used to in our usual content authoring workflows. (It feels more like H5P content authoring where the system has to process the package before I see the change.)
Tanya Allan
Greg Bird yep :)
Tanya Allan
Andy Braden thanks Andy. Does OpenLMS have any instructions re how to use / set up that we can access?
Andy Braden Open LMS team
It seems like the answer is no right now. I'll see what I can do there.

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