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Phil Tietjen
Director of Learning Design
Asked a question 10 months ago

Is it possible for an instructor to share their rubric with another instructor (both instructors work at the same college)? Thanks!

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Hi Phil, 

There is actually a permission for Share advanced grading form as a template (moodle/grade:sharegradingforms) that if set to allow for the user's role grants them the option to save rubrics and grading guides as templates that can be used across the site. Sometimes we'll enable that for just select users to control the flow of what gets shared. 

If allowing that permission isn't a good option, another route is to create a course backup (no users data) that includes the assignments that are using the rubrics and restore those into a course and you can save them as your personal templates from there. 

If you are a client lms admin, feel free to reach out to your support team directly and we can talk through good options for your specific use case.