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J. Edward Ladenburger
director of instructional support and distance learning
Asked a question 2 years ago

If a user account is suspended and a conduit file enrolls them in a course, will anything "break"? Will they get enrolled, but still be suspended? Note: context = suspending a whole lot of user accounts (encouraged to do this by Open LMS as part of storage management -- but concerned that if a suspended user then registers, our automated conduit enrollment will not work)

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In our system if a site suspended user is placed or removed via conduit it does not cause any trouble that I can see. 

If a user's account is suspended they will still be enrolled in a course successfully. However, because their account is suspended they cannot log into the Open LMS site to access the course. As soon as you unsuspend their account, they will be able to log into the site and access the course without any issues.

Our calculation for your 'active enrolled users' usage will exclude users with suspended accounts, so even though you have enrolled them in the course they will not count towards your quota until their account is unsuspended :)