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Jason Ford
Blue Ridge - Director of Online Learning
Asked a question 2 years ago

I would like to have a course repository of activities or resources my team builds. I would like faculty to be able to import from this repository, but not edit the items in it. If a teacher is given a non-editing role in the repository, they can't import into course they are an editing teacher in. They can do whatever they want with the item once it's in their course, but I don't want to risk having them edit in the repository and undo what's been done. Make sense? Any Ideas on how to share these resources?

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Hi Jason,

We are currently working on a new functionality, the Centralized content manager, which will allow  Admins to create activities and resources and replicate them within courses. Only the ones with access to this tool will be able to edit or modify the parent activity.  With the team we are considering doing a user testing session, to go through the mockups of the MVP of this new functionality. Would you like to participate in the session?