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Tanya Allan
Principal Lecturer
Asked a question 6 months ago

I was a participant in the recent H5P Creators Course hosted by OpenLMS, which permitted me to see a different Moodle site and a variation in the activities available. The OpenLMS Moodle site had an activity called ‘Board’. Having a whiteboard that can be used in an asynchronous way is something we have been looking to be able to add to our Moodle site. We have an OpenLMS Moodle site within our institute, however on looking at the OpenLMS Plugin Matrix I can’t see ‘Board’ listed there. Does anyone know about or use the 'Board' in their OpenLMS site? Or why it is not listed on the OpenLMS plugin matrix if it was available in a Moodle site used for training by OpenLMS? cheers Tanya

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Greg Bird
Moodle specialist. Problem solver. Trouble maker. Lane changer.

Was it this plugin?

If so, then I agree that it might be a useful plugin, but I also agree it doesn't appear on the OpenLMS matrix.

From the screencaptures alone, it appears quite like Padlet.

Padlet is free and you can embed a Padlet into Moodle so that you would get a similar student experience.   It is not quite as nice as a native moodle tool in that the student data lives outside of Moodle, but it may provide the functionality you need