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Asked a question last year

I have been receiving Conduit email notifications since the 3.8 MP2 update was applied to our Sandbox. I was told by support there is a way to turn off these notifications site wide under site admin/messaging/messaging settings - but I can't see it there . Any idea how to turn these Conduit notification emails off?

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these new 'transaction' notifications come in a different way:

you can find Conduit Transaction notification under:

Home > Site administration > Messaging > Notification settings

so they can be controlled on your personal notification preferences page:

Home > Dashboard > Preferences > User account > Notification preferences

as far as I can see it goes only to site admins. TBH I just completely disabled the feature as it is quite annoying.

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Leah Knowles
Distance Learning Specialist

Go to the Conduit block > Settings > General tab.

Below Cron enabled and Remove logs settings is Email.

Send to will have one or various Admin users highlighted. These will receive email notifications from conduit. If more than one is highlighted, press and hold Ctrl key then click your own name. Otherwise you will accidentally remove all users highlighted.

Scroll to bottom click Save changes.

*Note- removing yourself here means you will not be notified if there are errors in your user uploads, or course creations, etc. It often pays to actually get those emails. 

Instead of stopping the emails, you can set up a folder and filter in your email to move them from Inbox, so you only have to check them as needed rather than have them clog your Inbox.