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Josh Manders
LaneCC - LMS Admin
Asked a question last year

I asked this on Moodle support forums but maybe someone here has some expertise to share: 1) Does have best practices regarding publishing open source courses that include assignment activities in a common cartridge v1.1 format (i.e. not moodle mbz)? Best Practices? Are people using a hop-scotch approach and bouncing through another LMS to create a more compatible cartridge format (<cough>... Canvas Commons...) 2) Are assets (media, image, file, pdf..ect) used inside a HTML area automagically packaged along with IMSCC exports because they are considered “Resources”? I believe they *should* per IMS’s standard under Table 3.1 Common Cartridge Content Types but are there limitations? Officially, Moodle ONLY supports exporting IMS Common Cartridge version v1.1 but the Assignment type was added in IMS v.1.2. Posts on Moodle Community have pointed out, IMS is up to v1.4 but Moodle hasn’t caught up due to funding and community focus. I'm looking for a way to support instructors who want to share/publish their courses with as little technical friction as possible.

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Hey Josh! 
I think some folks got tired of me going on and on about upgrading IMS CC from v1.1 to 1.3 long ago, but you are right. Without 1.2 support there are no assignments in the package and some other limitations in content packaging. Some folks I know just use mbzs and the built in tools in other platforms to convert them (the upside of using an open source platform I suppose.) Other folks use LTI to share content, since LTI Publishing is possible it is a nice way to share content and resources without copying them and sending them off into the world to an unknown fate. 
Of course updating the CC converter would be great too. I'll suggest heading on over to the MUA and joining and voting for the IMS CC upgrade project, since Core's objection is funding, the MUA might be the best way to get that funded.