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J. Edward Ladenburger
director of instructional support and distance learning
Asked a question 2 years ago

I am trying to provide Kathy Davis (NCCCS) with the information needed to integrate openNCCC LTI with our site. Feeling a bit "slow", I do not know where to find... Platform ID: ? Client ID: [got this in the tool settings when following the "instructions" from openLMS] Deployment ID: ? Public keyset URL: ? Access token URL: ? Authentication request URL: ? Thought I would simply reveal my gross ignorance on a community platform for a change of pace...

Where am I?

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Typically all those goodies come from the tool and get put into the LMS side when using LTI. I found this note in the help docs from openNCCC:

"Contact the openNCCC Administrator at openNCCChelp@nccommunitycolleges.edu29 and ask for LTI 1.3 tool installation information."
You can hit me up if they've sent you some credentials and I can help decode them.