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Principal, eLearning Advocacy at Open LMS
Asked a question 2 months ago

How have you built or are building an eLearning content library in your school, company, or practice?

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Greg Bird
Moodle specialist. Problem solver. Trouble maker. Lane changer.

A number of my clients use Equella, Alfresco or other LCMS for storage of their digital assets, who might then link these assets into their Moodle courses, for student consumption.

There are a number of strengths and weaknesses in this approach, but one which a lot of organisations fail to plan for is portability.

If you want to sell/swap/give your courses to another Moodle-based organisation (eg as an MBZ file), you become product locked.

All of the assets break, as the second organisation does not have permission to access the resources in the LCMS.   

This is becoming increasingly problematic, and some organisations have reverted back to a simple moodle filestore.