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John Bennett
Mathematics Instructor at Robeson Community College
Asked a question last year

How do you use the "Release Code" restriction for Quizzes? I have searched for help on this feature, but I can't even find it in the documentation. I have the restriction set (pic attached), and have entered a code, but I can't figure out how the student can enter the code in order to be able to access the quiz. The setting I have are shown below, the student is in the correct group (he can see other items release only to that group) and has passed the Quiz, but this item simply indicates he must get a code and there's no way to enter the code.

Where am I?

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Hi John, this code is not used as a password, this code is something that you used to identify a quiz on a PLD rule. 

e.g. Open quiz B if student approves quiz A. 
1) you set the code "quizbcode" for quiz B
2) create a PLD rule for quiz A that unlocks quiz with code "quizbcode"
3) enable the rule

If you are using the groups and activity completion, you could consider removing the code and use the first 2 elements as the unlocking criteria.

You can also reach out to our support team if you have further questions
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