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Asked a question 11 months ago

How do you import content from one class to another in Moodle?

Greg Bird
Hi Shiela. Are you asking how you might be able to copy content and activities (quizzes, books, discussion forums etc) from one Moodle course into another? If so, you would use the "Import" option, which is found under the course administration menu.

You will need to have editing rights in both courses and it may depend on the settings of your organisation as to whether you have permissions to do this.
Deanna McCoy
If you want to copy just a portion of your class then you
-have editing on
-select import
-select the class from where i's coming
-select the content from that class. Be careful here. No users just the files and the topics section that you need. Never import a whole question bank because you will end up with duplicates if you already have one
-Double check the content you selected. You have to select the topic group to get the parts you want in it
-Import This will show up in weird places sometimes in the class you imported to. Check the bottom first
Just do a search on the web and I am sure you will find a clearer explanation or video. That's how I have learned.

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Hi Sheila,

There's two main methods: Import and Backup/Restore. If both the source and destination courses are on the same site and you have permission to access both, use the import function55. If you don't have access or the course is on a different site, the Backup/Restore function142 will allow you to upload a backup file with the selected content (and users, blocks, settings, ect).

YouTube is a quick resource for step-by-step help: