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Asked a question 2 years ago

How can I removed the "rating grade for" and "Whole forum grading" which is now auto added to the Discussion Forum Titles in the Gradebook - Is not in the actual title of the forum - only appears in the Gradebook - and you cannot edit it out there (grayed out when you try to edit). If I cannot removed what is the purpose?

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Pat HegeOpenLMS Team
Client Support Specialist, Open LMS - NA

Hi Susan,


Thanks for asking this question! I know we discussed this this morning on the ticket you created, but I wanted add what we discussed here.  This was a change implemented by Core Moodle when they added “whole forum grading” to the Moodle Forums in 3.8.  It seems that they made a language string change that would allow either “Whole forum grading” or “Ratings grade for” to display before the Forum name in the Gradebook. 

If you do not want that text to display, you can edit the language pack (Site Administration > Language > Language Customization > select Language pack) and make a change to the strings below,


Show strings of these components = forum.php   

Language string identifier = “gradeitemnameforwholeforum”


Show strings of these components = forum.php

Language string identifier = “gradeitemnameforrating”


If you enter in “{$a->name}” into the “Local Customization” box of each string, this should allow only the Forum name to display in the gradebook. 

Be sure to purge caches (Site Administration > Development > Purge Caches) after making the change. 

Note:  for any forum that was displaying “Whole forum grading” or “Ratings grade for” prior to the change above, you may need to navigate to the forum, edit settings, and re-save the settings page.  Re-saving allows the language string change to take effect. 

I hope this helps and please let us know If you need anything else!