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Asked a question 6 months ago

hi! I'm wondering if there is an option to have a 'whiteboard' in a moodle course that learners can add to asynchronously and possibly anonymously. We use the snap theme and have blackboard collaborate - which has a whiteboard that can be used during a live session. thanks in advance, Tanya

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Greg Bird
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There are a number of Moodle plugins that provide a whiteboard-like feature, but I cannot see any of these on the OpenLMS plugin matrix

In truth, most organisations use the whiteboard that is built into their preferred live conferencing technology - Zoom, Teams, Collaborate, WebEx etc, BBB.    Often times, whiteboard activities are conducted in real-time, so these technologies are well suited.

For asynchronous collaboration, you can simply create an open-access room that has no start and end date.

If you are happy to take this work outside of Moodle, there are a range of online white-board style collaboration tools. 7 best online whiteboards for team collaboration in 2021 | Zapier20