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Asked a question 6 months ago

Hi, i am fairly new to openlms. when creating courses on the site is it possible to set a default introduction page for all courses irrespective of who creates the course

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Hi @Kathryn Hawkes10. I think there are a couple of ways to get you close to it:


  • The first one is to use course templates. This is, create a course with the content that you want to replicate across (like the introduction) and use it as a template for Open LMS Conduit so it can generate copies of this course as the "starting from scratch" version of the content. This is useful if you're in control of the new course creation process.
  • An alternative is to use the Centralized Content Manager from Open LMS, create the introduction page resource as a "Master item" and then append "child" replicas in the courses that you want. This one has a cool extra: if you edit the master content, it will automatically update all the child replicas across courses.


Let me know if any of these sound like something that could work for you and we'd be happy to expand on them.