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Asked a question last year

Hi Everybody! I'm looking to get feedback from other Moodle site administrators on the 500MB limit for student uploads. Currently my institution's sites are set to 10MB, but students have requested that this be upped to allow for a greater file size. What is your site student upload limit set to, and have you had any issues with students uploading very large files? I understand that my institution will need to educate students on potential issues that they may have (i.e. - slow internet providers, poor connections, etc.). Thank you for your suggestions!

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As Pablo said, I would not push the limit very much for uploaded files, especially if you have a large user base. Outside of possibly a few niche cases students should not really need to upload large files.  Linking to the file possibly in their cloud account might be a good option, plus depending on your pricing model might save you from having to buy extra space.

Hi Jacob! this is an interesting discussion. What type of files are the students talking about when they requested more than 10mb?


I think you have a great point on ensuring the best possible experience in the different conditions that may affect it from the connection/loading perspective and there could be alternatives depending on their use case.  


For example, if this is about videos, students could use alternatives such as youtube, vimeo, etc, and use links on their submissions. Those platforms are optimized to provide "adaptable bandwidth" and bitstream options to match client conditions when loading. Instructors could provide instructions on the activities to guide students on this. There´s another factor to this and that´s the fact that this could help students to familiarize with such tools, which are becoming more and more important in our economies and could be considered part of a basic digital citizen skillset in some contexts.


Another option could be to use repositories


Maybe something like 20 or 30mb could help with large size PDFs or documents with too many images that are not optimized.


Looking forward to know more about the uses cases. Thanks for sharing!