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Adam Farrugia
Senior Manager - Training
Asked a question 11 months ago

Hi all, just wondering if anyone else uses the VetTrak plug in and if so how you might manage student completions. From what I can see there is no way to change to status in Learnbook based on the VetTrak Status (either automatically or manually) . I am able to set up gradebook so that results are sent back to VetTrak but I would then love the option for when I complete the enrolment in VetTrak that the students are suspended from the course in Learnbook. The only other option I can find is to remove Completed status as an enrolment method the VetTrak authentication but this then removes all records of the student on Learnbook when they complete so we have no record of assessment completions etc. Alternately we end up with a very long list of actively enrolled students in Learnbook which makes it difficult to determine who current students are. Not sure if I am missing a simple step so would love to hear from someone who might be using this integration as well.

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