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Amy Kong
Director of eLearning and Faculty Development
Asked a question 2 years ago

Hello, We are looking for a tool (something like "planner") for students on our Moodle site. We would like the tool to allow instructors to put all the assignments' due dates in one place for students. It will greatly help our students to keep track of all activities they should do for all of their courses and most importantly help them observe the due dates in a more organized way. I did a quick search on the Moodle site, there doesn't seem to be such a tool?... Any ideas or suggestions about how to create this tool or how to obtain the ability to create this tool is very much appreciated. Thanks, Amy Kong

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As far as I understand your question, you don't need a tool, when you add the due date to the activity itself, the dates are in the Calendar. You can also add the Upcoming events block to the course/dashboard and it will do the job.