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Asked a question 2 years ago

Hello everyone! anyone can help me. Our first semester is about to end on december. Im working at MCC Baler, Philippines. Just want to know How are we going to close the first semester of our class on LMS? what are we going to do with the courses and the users? and also what is the best thing we can do in opening our 2nd semester? Am I going to delete all the users and courses in the 2nd semester? thank you in advance.

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Hi Chrystalene Argarin Opalda some of our customers don't delete courses or users, they just turn visibility off in the courses and create new ones, or replicate from previous ones as needed for the new semester.


This allows a couple of things: - you keep your courses for archive porpouses

- you keep users, grades, replies, etc in case you need them

- you avoid being charged by the old users as they are not active if they are not enrolled in visible courses.


You can automate some of this tasks using conduit.


The only thing that should be important to watch is the storage.


Otherwise, if you don't need any of this, you can always do a fresh start.


Do you have any particular requirements or concerns from the process or regulatory point of view?