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John Paul Posada
Educational Technologist
Asked a question 2 years ago

Has anyone been able to have PLD's take any actions from the User added to group Event setting? We're not having any luck with these rules in either Moodle 3.7 or 3.9, both running this version of PLD: local_pld 2015111905. We were hoping to try some interesting scenarios where an email would be sent from Moodle whenever a user joined, or was added to specific groups. These email would then trigger Power Automate Flows for further actions.

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We add our student to groups in a bulk using Conduit. In that case, PLD cannot cope with the number of emails as it happens too fast (100+ new group member in the same second). However...

We still use PLD to send welcome emails. It is a bit tricky but doable.

Go for the recurring event and run it every day. In the condition part, you can check if the student is a member of a certain group and in the action part, you can send the email. But you also have to make sure that you won't send another email on the following day to the same person, so you need an extra group to collect all the students who have been messaged.

For example:


  • Recurring event: Every 1 days at 12:15PM


  • User is member of group: R44-L7MCROL2-7RWM - S1
  • and User is not a member of group: !messaged Support
  • and User is member of group: 7RWM


  • Send email: Welcome to your course
  • Add user to group: !messaged Support

In this example above the student needs to be in two groups (R44-L7MCROL2-7RWM - S1 and 7RWM) but not in the group where we collect the 'already messaged' students. We send the welcome emails every day at 12.15pm and add the student to the 'already messaged' group, so next day they will be ignored.

I hope it makes sense.