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Vanessa Pierce
Administrative Computer Systems Support Manager
Asked a question 5 months ago

Has anyone been able to get the Elsevier Evolve Link to work in Moodle?

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Vanessa - are you talking about the LTI connection to Evolve? We have a basic LTI (1.0)  setup currently but it hasn't been used in a couple years. I ran into problems back in Jan 21. with their documentation being incorrect. According to page 6,105 the Elsevier Root Launch is still referenced despite our site working without it. Perhaps it’s for specific titles or for features that aren’t supported anyways (ie. gradepassback)?

Carrie Linares
LMS / eLearning Coordinator - MNTC

We use it, but I am not the person who originally set it up. I can try to answer questions though.