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Asked a question last year

Good Morning. I am interested in ideas for the integration between telegram and moodle.

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Digital Coordinator | LMSPulse Editor in Chief

Hi @Emerson López21 !

I guess a good question is: What do you wish the Telegram-Moodle™ integration was able to do?

We have some thoughts. We'd love to have this conversation, and if there's any ideas you'd like to build our team is ready to assist you.

  • It can be relatively easy to take advantage of Moodle™ RSS functionality to broadcast a notification into a telegram channel. More advanced features could be possible using an API like Webservices, but this means the development would be more complicated.
  • Comparatively, it would me much more complex to create a system where a user sends information to Moodle™ using Telegram. There are issues to consider: Authentication, Security, Contexts, etc.
  • While there is a "Telegram" plugin on the directory —on beta for over 3 years—, and others on GitHub, we do not endorse any of them, and we do not recommend you using it in production.

Personally I do think there is an appeal in connecting text-based messaging with an eLearning platform. You might enjoy and get some inspiration from the eLearning Podcast episode with @Rachel Fisher from Hello PLATO34 which does pretty much that.

I hope it helps!