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Matheus dos Santos
Coordenator E-Learning
Asked a question 2 years ago

Friends, Do you also have problems with support? We are a company from Brazil and we have a serious integration problem that has been compromising us a lot but Behind responds with inconclusive comments and informing that there is no problem. Meanwhile we are left with this loss with our students. does that happen with other calls too, is it like that for you? Greetings

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Sorry to hear that you experienced issues. This was related to a change introduced in cunduit to process large ammount of data in adhoc tasks. Thankfully this is all configurable via backend settings and the team is already working on updating this to match your specific use case. Apologies again for the inconvenience. Juan Camilo Páez will follow up with your team via support.

Matheus:  Just sent you a note.  Sorry for the issues.  It sounds like we know the root cause was a change in MP2.  Let's meet live tomorrow to talk about it and see if there are workarounds.