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Joshiko Velasco
Head, Virtual Learning Environment
Asked a question 2 years ago

Can you give us the easiest way to integrate Microsoft Teams in OpenLMS? Thank you.

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Hi @Joshiko Velasco30 Microsot Office 365 plugin and integration is available for Open LMS. You can requests its activation via a support ticket. This plugin allows for an integration with Teams in which Open LMS content can be showed in MS teams via a bot. 

More of this is described here:


If the integration you are looking for is specifically for the video conference functionality, we are considering a review of this plugin: Teams meeting for atto 202

That said, this last plugin essentially inserts a link in a text editor (unlike Collaborate or similar which are full activities) so you could have similar results right now creating the link externally and pasting it in a resource or an activity.