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Phill MillerOpen LMS team
Managing Director, Open LMS
Asked a question 3 years ago

As we enter week 4 (or is it 5?) of COVID lockdown in Indiana, I'm curious what all of our universities, colleges, and K12 institutions are thinking about for summer and fall semesters. What kind of backup plans have you already made?

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Summer PerkinsOLMS Workshop Excellence
Coordinator of Online Learning & Technology

Our school isn't talking about Fall semester yet but we have moved all summer classes online. 

Kristin Harrison
Distance Learning Administrator at CCC&TI

Our school has moved all summer classes online and we have not talked about Fall semester yet. 

Jason Ford
Blue Ridge - Director of Online Learning

We are all online for summer, with some few exceptions to labs that have to be F-2-F. For fall we normally have the following four options:

  • Traditional = Face-2-Face
  • Blended = 1-49.9% online
  • Hybrid = 50% or more online
  • Online = 100% online

We are moving as many TR to Blended. Use of the LMS is already required to some degree in each. A blended course will give us more flexibility if disruption occurs.