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Ashley Thomas
Director, eLearning Services
Asked a question 3 years ago

Anyone else using Collaborate Ultra as LTI having issues with their user profile images not coming over in sessions? NCC has a ticket in but just curious if others are seeing this issue also.

Pablo Borb贸n Open LMS team
Hi Ashley, we had issues at some point on the plugin, but it was fixed a couple of months ago and was working fine. We had no other reports on the LTI link. We'll sync up with the collab team to check what may be happening and update via the ticket. Thanks! CC Anita F Hopper
Ashley Thomas
Thanks Pablo, sounds great!
Ashley Thomas
Pablo Borb贸n Per Case #04573306 - Unable to add profile picture - The following has been determined and I want to confirm this is the case:

1.) With the plugin, there is no way currently to have the profile picture automatically come over WITHOUT disabling the force users to sign in/ profile picture options.

2.) With the LTI configured for Ultra, instructror will still need to manually upload their profile image with each session

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