What are the superpowers of today's teachers, professors, instructors and education professionals?

I admit, even as someone who's been a fanboy of this sector for almost a decade, I'm still surprised... almost daily.

That's why we've put together the eLearn Success Series. In our Instructor Session, happening THIS WEEK on May 4th and 5th (ET), we'll have incredible discussions about these superpowers with:

Nick Fuhrman - (with over 1MM views of his TED talk) will be celebrating teachable moments in a time of change

Michael Vaughn - will discuss the four characteristics of accessible design

Jess Corinne - will talk about neurodiversity and how working memory is the springboard to learning

Arie Sowers - will present flexible options for insuring integrity in online learning

Vanessa Huron - will explore using (and knowing when not to use) digital learning to its educational potential

Thomas Korner - will discuss learning in 2040 through a fictive journey to the future of tertiary learning

David Bruce Porter - will consider how to leverage microcredentials

Kevin Kelly - (KEYNOTE SPEAKER) will present how to advance online teaching by creating equity based digital learning environments

CLAUDIA TOBAR (en español) - will discuss good practices in instruction and free time

Sol García (en español) - will present tools, structures and mentalities for online teaching

Paco Tabares & Edrei Robles - Learning experience / instructional designer - Educational researcher (en español) - will discuss success in live learning with collaborators, in both corporate and higher ed contexts.

Raúl Rivera (en español) - will present how to get the best results from online exams using remote supervision.

If you're interested in upping your game as an education professional, there's really no reason why you shouldn't attend. All tickets are FREE. All you have to do is register at eLearnSuccessSeries.com