Hello and welcome to The eLearning Community powered by Open LMS! 

My name is Ladek and I’m your host and guide.

The eLearning Community is a fantastic place to connect with others involved in online learning in order to grow, discuss and find resources about the future of education.

Because, as you know, there is always something new in eLearning!

Before I dive into the site - I want to emphasize the word “everyone.” You do not have to be a client of Open LMS to join us. The eLearning Community is specifically designed to be… Open! We are actively looking for voices, ideas, opinions, success and challenges from around the globe, regardless of the platform or technology you use.

You can think of The eLearning Community as a more exclusive, less spammy space than Facebook or LinkedIn for everyone involved in online learning. The community is 100% free, and there’s no ads, no bots, and you’re definitely not going to receive any sales pitches!

The community is your go-to resource where you can get powerful tips and advice from others in the same sector as you, follow specific topics that you’re interested in, and join groups with others that speak your language and live in your area.

If you’re looking to solve a particular eLearning challenge, head on over to the “Seeking Advice” Topic and post about it - you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll get help. And, don’t be surprised if you receive more than a few different ways to approach a solution!

We’ve created a number of groups that you can join to connect with others who serve the same learning audience, have the same profession or vocation in eLearning, or who speak your language!

If you find that you’re learning a lot from a particular user, head on over to their profile and “Follow” them, so that you never miss a post or update.

We know there are a LOT of great ideas in eLearning - and innovations are happening every day. But we want to stay focused on learning and connecting as a community. If you do have a particular product or service you’d like to share with others, we’ve created a special group just for this!

Finally, we know that many of you are interested in providing feedback and helping to improve Open LMS. We’ve created two special places for you to add your voice:

The eLearning Community isn’t just another forum - we also do things like host webinars with experts, connect you with amazing resources and organize masterminds between small groups who are all trying to solve the same issues - and we’re just getting started!

If you have any comments or suggestions about a way we can improve the community, or a feature you’d like to see - I’m always listening! Please just ping me @ladek and we’ll set up a time to chat

The eLearning Community powered by Open LMS is a community for everyone excited about just how far we can go with the future of education. I look forward to seeing you inside!