Monday connections: Please introduce yourself (and feel free to update your profile while at it), let us know where you come from and what you're working on. ALSO, we want to know: Who would you like to connect with? An expert, an artist, someone else entirely?
Tuesday Tips: Stay tuned for our monthly Meta-Analysis review with some evidence-based advice! Do you have some of your own? Please share!
Worldwide Wednesday: Let's talk ELA! English Language Arts is an approach that meshes curriculum-based instruction and artistic expression in students, to get the best of both worlds. Get to know some ELA experiences from around the world around the practice of English, probably the best tool you can have to be a part of a global community.
Free Things Thursday: Check out our Virtual Online & Activities Guide for more ELA, curriculum-based interactivity resources, OER and much more. All of it completely free!
Flaunt It Friday: If you're reading this on Monday, what will you accomplish this week? If it's Friday and you did accomplish something, we'd love to see you flaunt it!

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