There are going to be some amazing sessions and speakers at Innovation 2021! 

Come and check them all out and join the conversation about what's coming in eLearning in 2022 (and beyond). The following are just a few examples of the great sessions that will happen on November 3rd:

At our Asia / Pacific Session:

  • Kuva Jacobs & Jason Davey of Redpoint Consulting will be running an interactive workshop focused on online collaboration
  • Kevin Bell of Amazon Web Services will be discussing the future of eLearning

At our North America / Europe / Middle East / Africa Session:

  • Dr. Tonya Riney of IntelliBoard will be presenting on how to tell stories with data
  • Eric Gibbs of Ouriginal will be presenting on creating authentic learner outputs

At our Latin America / Caribbean Session (En Español):

  • Beatriz Cruz Olivares, Coordinadora de Educación Continua y Campus Virtual de la Universidad Madero (México), va a presentar sobre retos y desafíos de la presencialidad a la virtualidad en el esquema universitario
  • Julio Profe, el reconocido "Edutuber" ganador del Premio Guinness, va a presentar un entrevista interactiva en vivo con por la mayor asistencia a una clase virtual

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Here's the link: